Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence used to be thought of as a family problem, a private issue in which outsiders should not get involved.  The truth is; domestic violence affects everyone!  Domestic Violence occurs among all ages, genders, races, educational backgrounds, denominations, and socioeconomic groups.  There are four types of abuse: physical, rape and sexual, psychological and economic. 



  • 1 of every four women will experience some type of domestic violence in their lives.
  • Females make up 84% of spousal abuse victims and 86% of date abuse by boyfriends.
  • 1.3 million Women suffer physical abuse a year at the hand of their intimate other.
  •  Men who witness abuse as a child are twice as likely to abuse their spouse and children.

Powerhouse Ministries is committed to educating and assisting domestic violence victims as they deal with this embarrassing and horrendous abuse.  Our goal is to conduct domestic violence seminars throughout Saline and neighboring counties in hopes of empowering individuals through training awareness, health information and prevention techniques. 


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